Fill Shifts. Save Money.

With today’s staffing challenges, how do you ensure you are staffed to care for your patients while controlling costs?

Stogo partners with leading health systems to fill shifts easily while saving time and reducing spend through our two service offerings:

  1. CORE – Maximize your current staff through an easy-to-use app that works with your scheduling system and quickly shows all eligible staff where you need help.
  2. FLEX – Connect with local clinicians who are interested in picking up shifts at your facility. We recruit and vet them, so you don’t have to.

We help you reduce premium labor spend through better utilization of your own employees and by accessing available clinicians from your community. We make adding flexible scheduling and non-traditional shift types a reality for your workforce.  

Our implementation team can have you up and running in weeks, and the system is so easy to use you do not have to train clinicians or have a system admin.

At Stogo, plain and simple… WE FILL SHIFTS!

Here is how to get started:

  1. Connect with us today by clicking here to contact us
  2. Create your shift fulfillment plan
  3. Fill shifts, reduce costs, care for your patients

Stogo fills millions of hours of patient care every year for health systems. We do this by bringing you new nurses from your community, and maximizing the use of your employees whether they are core staff, internal agency, or float pool.

We were founded by acute-care hospital executives who understand that the healthcare staffing model is broken, and only insiders will truly be able to fix it.

Avoid the continued struggle of staffing your departments and stay on budget. Connect with Stogo to fill shifts, reduce costs, and most importantly, care for your patients.

Our Mission is to make it easier to work in Health Care”

It’s time you go Stogo and start saving time and money!