About Us

At Stogo we are driven by the desire to give time back to caregivers allowing them more time to do what matters most, taking care of patients.

We know from both work and personal experience that unfortunately health care comes with many tasks that keep healthcare workers from taking care of patients. When we founded Stogo, we did it with this in mind and set off to attack a problem that we saw first-hand, the overwhelming task of being a director in a hospital. We have developed a solution that helps give time back to our healthcare leaders by optimizing the processes around staffing and managing human resource requirements.

At Stogo, we also believe in human-centered design and are constantly listening to feedback from our users to improve our design and processes. We are in love with the people we help!

Thank you for learning a little bit more about who we are and why we do what we do. If you have any more questions, drop us an email here. Thanks!

Our Mission is to make it easier to work in Health Care”

Our Team

Our team is comprised of clinicians, physicians, healthcare leaders, technology leaders, engineers, innovators, designers, operators, project managers, and lean practitioners.

Heather K Anderson


Patrick Halinski


Mark Mynsted


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