Your missing piece to a more powerful workforce system.

Stogo is a service and technology solution that supports leaders with real-time staffing by making it easier to fill open shifts. Connect with untapped capacity of your existing workforce, control cost, satisfy employees, and save time.

Requires Facility Enrollment

Too Many Shifts Falling Through?

Let Stogo make it better.

Connect with Available Staff in a Flash

Managers can select staff based on availability, certifications and overtime impact.

Alert Eligible Employees Instantly

The app automatically checks schedules, licenses, staff preferences, client-specific rules and float policies – then notifies candidates that best match the criteria.

Employees Claim the Open Shift with a Click of a Button

The process is as simple as that – and often works in a matter of minutes.

Success – In Just a Few Taps!

Managers approve the claim and the shift is filled – and the schedule is immediately updated.

Don’t Get By. Get Better.


Stogo is an intuitive app that works with your current systems to make communication and schedule management simple.


Instantly identify and communicate with all eligible staff for a shift.


Stogo incorporates licensure, work status, overtime hours, and other data elements so leaders can manage their staff more effectively.

Clinical Leaders Rave About Stogo

As a director, this has been a lifesaver. I’m more likely to get my shifts filled now and I save so much time. My team loves it as well because it’s so easy.

Makayla J.

This app has been wonderful! I can contact staff and get shifts filled quickly. I wish I had this years ago.


STOGO has saved me from unstaffed shifts more times than I can count. The support and help the app gives you is amazing!

Mark L.

I love how it keeps track of not only my schedule and open shifts on my unit, but also all of my certifications and licenses!

Evan W.

This has been such a huge help with filling shifts and helping out with staffing instead of texting and having to ask people to work! I absolutely love Stogo!

ER Nurse

It’s time you go Stogo and start saving time and money!